AIIMS Nurse's Death: Doctors Body Urges to let Probe Panel Work

AIIMS Nurse's Death: Doctors Body Urges to let Probe Panel Work
AIIMS Resident Doctors Association (RDA) on Thursday extended olive branch to the nurses union, relations between whom have frayed over the death of a nurse, assuring that it would not shield the guilty even as it urged that the enquiry committee be allowed to do its work.
The RDA also posed some questions to the AIIMS administration wondering why no enquiry committee was formed soon after the death of the nurse, Rajbir Kaur, and also questioned the "lack of resources" in the maternity OT.
"Who is responsible for lack of manpower like that of a senior resident anaesthesiologist in the labour room for 24 hours?" the RDA statement asked.
The doctors' forum said it had "raised concern" as few of its members were "targeted" without proper enquiry. It sought to know as to how the administration acted "only" on the basis of complaint of the nurses' union.
"We are all brothers and sisters who have to work in the same environment. Please don't spoil it so much that it becomes difficult to look into each other's eyes. We assure you that we are not here not here to defend anyone who is found guilty," the association said.
Yesterday, the nurses' union had held a protest over the hospital administration revoking the suspension of five resident doctors in connection with Kaur's death due to alleged negligence at the premier institution.

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