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Moving forward with a newer concept of Universal Health Care

It must encompass primary, secondary and tertiary care for all who need it, and at affordable cost without discrimination Do we believe in health as a basic human right, which India’s Constitution guarantees under right to life? In contrast, we believe in the World Health Organization (WHO) definition of health: a certain totality of health to the realms of mental and social well-being and happiness beyond physical fitness, and an absence of disease and disability. This means that we cannot achieve health in its wider definition without addressing health determinants. This necessitates a need for an intersectoral convergence beyond medical and health departments such as women and child development, food and nutrition, agriculture and animal husbandry, civil supplies, rural water supply and sanitation, social welfare, tribal welfare, education, forestry. Healthcare As An Optional Public Service (HOPS) as a route to universal health care We all subscribed to the slogan “Health for All by