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Gone too soon — the subject of youth suicide in India

Suicide is the tragic and untimely loss of human life, all the more devastating and perplexing because it is a conscious volitional act. India has the dubious distinction of having the highest number of suicides in the world. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports that 1.71 lakh people died by suicide in 2022. The suicide rate has increased to 12.4 per 1,00,000 — the highest rate ever recorded in India. But these figures are underestimated due to an inadequate registration system, the lack of medical certification of death, stigma and other factors. Unfortunately, 41% of all suicides are by young people below the age of 30. Suicide is the leading cause of mortality for young women in India. A young Indian dies by suicide every eight minutes, which is a loss to family, society, the economy and future of the country. Suicide in the young is a major public health problem in India. There is no single factor Suicide is a complex human behaviour and it is futile to locate a single

FORDA, RTI activists point at corruption nexus over non-payment of stipend to PG medical students

As many as 100 postgraduate (PG) students  of  a private medical college in Sullia, Karnataka recently complained  of   no n- payment   of  their monthly stipend by their college authorities. This has once again opened the can  of   worms highlighting the problems faced by the PG medical students across medical colleges in India. Karnataka students claim their persistent requests for stipend have fallen on deaf ears  of  the college authorities. Earlier this week, the PG students decided to stage a protest against the college management if their  stipends  were not released. This is not a single case, as several private medical students across the country have complained  of   non-pay ment   of   stipends . As per the National Medical Commission (NMC), PG doctors must receive Rs 45,000, Rs 50,000, and Rs 55,000 for their first, second, and third years, respectively. However, most students claimed that they received Rs 10,000, Rs 12,500, and Rs 15,000, respectively. An open appeal was m