UCMS to be transferred to Delhi govt by Dec. 1

Change in store:The Health Department’s order states that through this transfer, “all assets and liabilities of [University College of Medical Sciences], including land and building, shall stand transferred to the Delhi government”.— File Photo

Asking Delhi University to start the process of handing over the University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS) promptly to ensure the process is completed by December 1, the Delhi Health Department had late last month issued an order which noted that “both DU and the Delhi government should have the transfer and take over completed within the stipulated time”.

The order is based on the Delhi High Court direction. Through this transfer, “all assets and liabilities, including land and building, shall stand transferred to the Delhi government”. Also the staff — both teaching and non-teaching — shall stand transferred to the Delhi government in their position/posts as per the salary being drawn according to the service conditions of the staff. This may be altered by specific orders of the Delhi government.

“Terms and conditions of employment of the UCMS staff, their merger in appropriate cadre in the Delhi government and determination of inter-se seniority shall be examined by a committee to be constituted by the Delhi government,” the order noted.

It further said that Delhi University should complete the process of de-notifying the college from its list of institutions and for dissolving of the executive council before the date of takeover.
“Budgetary provisions for the non-Plan and Plan requirements shall be made for the expenditure by the UCMS in the revised estimates and budget estimates by the UCMS and the Health Department of Delhi,’’ said the order issued with approval of the Delhi Lieutenant-Governor.

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