Row over plan to extend AIIMS faculty’s service

The issue of increase in the retirement age of the AIIMS faculty—from 65 years to 67 years—has turned into a major controversy with both resident doctors and senior faculty members protesting against different aspects of the proposal.

Last week, the institute sent the proposal to its governing body headed by the Union health minister. The proposal has been approved and is now likely to be placed before the Union cabinet for the final nod.

After an emergency general body meeting of the Faculty Association of AIIMS (FAIIMS) on Wednesday, Dr Nand Kumar, its general secretary, said most of the doctors wanted the increase to be implemented with rotating headship for the departments. “The AIIMS governing body accepted the proposal of rotating headship in 2012 and it must be implemented without any further delay. Some of the young faculty members, however, spoke against any extension.”

In a letter to the Prime Minister, the Resident Doctors Association of AIIMS has said national interest should be addressed by creating more jobs for freshly trained young doctors rather than increasing the age of retirement to satisfy individual greatness.

Dr Vijay Gurjar, president of the association, said that if their demand was not met, they might take the legal route or launch a protest. “The services of the retiring faculty should rather be utilised in developing the upcoming AIIMS-like institutions,” he added.

The AIIMS authorities, however, said most faculty members were in favour of increasing the age of superannuation.

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