PG NEXT Question of the Day 28-10-2016


The marked structure shown in the photograph closes at the age of 
a. 6 months
b. 2 years
c. 3 years
d. 6 years

Ans : b. 2 years

Ref: Essentials of human Anatomy, part-II, A.K.Datta,5th edition,page – 14

The marked structure is metopic suture between two halves of frontal bones
Each half of frontal bone ossifies from one primary centre around the age of 8th week of intrauterine life
At birth, 2 halves of frontal bone are united by Metopic suture (fibrous joint)
Metopic suture is completely replaced by bone at about 2 years
Premature closure of metopic suture is – Trigonocephaly

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