PG NEXT Question of the Day 26-10-2016


Ossification centre of the bone marked B is 

a. Birth
b. 2 years
c. 4 years
d. 6 years

Ans: c. 4 years

Ref: Gray's Anatomy, 41st edition, page – 869

Explanation :

Bones marked in the picture are:
A. Scaphoid
B. Lunate
C. Triquetral
D. Pisiform
E. Trapezium
F. Trapezoid
G. Capitate
H. Hamate

Ossification of carpals:
o Capitate-2nd month
o Hamate – 3rd month
o Triquetral – 3rd year
o Lunate – 4th year
o Scaphoid -4-5yrs
o Trapezium – 4-5yrs
o Trapezoid – 4-5 yrs
o Pisiform – 9-12 yrs

Remember the names of bones & for ossification, remember the age in reverse order starting from capitate.

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