Bareily : Now, CHC, PHC doctors to do postmortems

With 40% seats for doctors remaining vacant in the medical and health services across state, the director general of health, Sunil Srivastava, has asked all chief medical officers (CMOs) in UP to deploy physicians from the community health centres (CHCs) and primary health centres (PHCs) to attend to emergency cases and post mortem duties. Doctors in Bareilly, however, said that out of 45 posts at the district hospital, 23 seats are vacant and post mortem duties often add to their workload.

In a letter issued to all CMOs and chief medical superintendents (CMS), the DG health ordered that there is no age bar for doctors to attend to emergency cases and post mortem duties. Earlier, a rule stated that doctors above 55 years cannot perform these tasks.

Dr KS Gupta, CMS at the district hospital, said, “At present, 15 doctors from the main district hospital, women’s district hospital, central jail and district jail have been deployed for post mortem duties. After rules relating to age were reformed, six more doctors above 55 years of age were identified. However, a CMO will have to take a call on the final number of physicians to be positioned from the CHCs and PHCs. The move is beneficial as we have a huge crunch of doctors and post mortem duties affect functioning of hospitals. If there are more number of doctors available to perform post mortems here, a physician will only have to conduct autopsy only once a month.”

With many vacant posts, doctors are often pressed into various services at the district hospital, tehsil diwas, disabled board, shelter homes as well as on VIP duties. “With so much work loaded on them, doctors are often unable to spend more time at the district hospital. Patients face huge inconvenience when a specialist is unavailable. Post mortem duties take up nearly 24 hours of a doctor’s day,” said a senior doctor, who wished not to be named.

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