Access to healthcare must for all: President Pranab Mukherjee

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Robust GDP figures and other statistical data would look just numbers if Indians don't have access to modern healthcare system, President Pranab Mukherjee said here on Sunday.

"If we are sick, diseased, hungry and are not skilled, then even good GDP figures and other statistical data will only look like a satisfaction and won't reflect the true picture," Mukherjee said after inaugurating the Sardar Patel multi-specialty and heart hospital in this industrial town.

"Without an able body, an able mind cannot work. This is absolutely necessary in order to ensure our rightful place in the comity of nations," he said.

To compete globally, the country must also ensure jobs and livelihood for all along with health and this will require 'collective participation', the president said.

The hospital, which was built in the late eighties, has been refurbished with the help of donors led by senior Congress member Ahmed Patel and several corporates. This is the first cardiac care facility in this industrialised belt, which will help people save on huge expenditure incurred in going to Ahmedabad, Vadodara or Surat in times of emergencies.

"Before coming to Ankleshwar, I didn't know that this industrial area doesn't have any hospital for cardiac treatment and other modern scientific healthcare facilities. It was an unfortunate incident in the family of Ahmed Patel that made him take up the mission of constructing this hospital which will benefit so many," Mukherjee said.

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