MARD demands single session-single paper for PG entrance

The Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) has demanded a 'single session-single paper' examination for post graduate (PG) entrance examination in medicine across the country.

In a letter written to union health minister J P Nadda on July 10, central MARD president from Mumbai, Dr Sagar Mundada and secretary Dr Ayudh Magdum, have claimed that as per the Medical Council of India regulation, PG examinations should be a 'level playing field' which means that all students should be subjected to one set of question papers only.

But since past three years when National Board of Examination (NBE) has been conducting the PG entrance examination, the exam spans into 10-12 days as student's are divided into different batches and given different question papers. This results in a lot of disparity in the performance by students and it does not judge the students with the same yardstick.

"PG entrance has virtually become a game, more of luck than merit. Some question papers are relatively very easy and others difficult. This is really absurd. Earlier when AIIMS used to conduct this examination, it used to be a single day exam. We are just demanding uniform single exam for all PG aspirants. And it is just in line with any competitive examination in the country," said Dr Mundada.

MARD is demanding single paper for the All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination (AIPGMEE), NEET PG, DNB and NEET Superspeciality.

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