'Autopsy doesn't suggest AIIMS junior resident killed himself'

The autopsy of AIIMS junior resident Sarvanan Ganeshan, who died under mysterious circumstances last week, indicates that he did not commit suicide, said a senior doctor who has seen the report.
The circumstances in which Ganeshan's body was found also clearly indicated that he did not commit suicide and died an unnatural death, the doctor, who requested not to be named, told PG Times.
"The report says there was no external or internal injury. There was no substantial evidence of presence of drugs where his body was found," he said.
"Also, the door was not locked, which usually does not happen if some one commits suicide."
The doctors will, however, consult the police once again before coming to a definitive conclusion, he said.
Also awaited is the toxicology report, which may take a few months before it is submitted to the police.
"Such situations are very surprising and take time to yield exact clues. However, the current situation indicates that he did not commit suicide," the doctor said.
Sarvanan Ganeshan, 26, who was studying for an MD degree at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), was found dead on July 11 in his rented flat here under mysterious circumstances.

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