NEET-PG FAQs answered by NBE director

Q1) Will the state of Andhra Pradesh be contributing its medical PG seats to central pool and can the medical graduates of Andhra Pradesh be allowed to take seats outside Andhra Pradesh?
State of Andhra Pradesh has a special status (continued forward after bifurcation of states of Andhra and Telangana) wherein the state(s) do not contribute to the All India Quota 50% pool and the medical graduates of the State accordingly cannot participate in the All India Quota.

Q2) Is there state quota in NEET-PG?
NEET-PG is a common qualifying and ranking examination.  Each owner of the seat whether state quota or private universities or institutions shall continue to prepare their merit lit based on the eligibility criteria.  The existing state quota remains undisturbed.

Q3) Please confirm whether while counseling, private institutes shall disclose their course fees?
It is obligatory for all institutions to disclose their course fees.

Q4)Will there be any management seats in NEET counseling?
As per the present regulation governing the admission to UG /PG seats there is no change in the management seats.

Q5) Will All India Quota Pool remain the same or increased?
The All India Quota (Pool) for UG stands at 15% of seats owned by institutions of central /state governments and 50% in case of PG seats.

Q6) How NEET super specialty is going to happen this year, as many states have already announced about the dates of super specialty entrance exam this year?
The details of NEET-SS shall be announced in due course and the same shall be applicable for admissions to 2017 session.

Q7) How many additional marks will be given to PG aspirants who have served in rural areas?
The details in this regard shall be notified by the respective State Governments within the overall parameters prescribed by  Government of India (MoHFW).

Q8)What about the super specialty NEET-SS 2016? When it will be conducted?
Refer Q. No. 6

Q9) Sir, what about the fees regulation?? Are the private colleges free to charge as their own or will there be concession for the students qualifying NEET?
There is a state level Committee formulated with representatives of State Governments and a former Judge of High Court as the Chairman of the Committee. The fee for the self financing (Private institutions) is fixed by this Committee and the state level committees are the appropriate authorities to prescribe a fee schedule.

Q10)What about Jammu and Kashmir CET?
State of Jammu & Kashmir has a special status wherein the state(s) do not contribute to the All India Quota 50% pool and the medical graduates of the State accordingly cannot participate in the All India Quota.  However, the state is covered under ambit of NEET.

Q11) What about service candidate in TN as students joined service for the sole purpose of service quota?
There is no change in the service quota or rights of any State to crack or modify service quota and the same remains as such.

Q12) Some private colleges have already declared their super specialty exam dates and the forms have been filled? What about those exams then?
Same as Q. No.8

Q13) What about Christian Medical College, Vellore? Does it get included under NEET or not?
Yes, it is obligatory for all medical colleges including CMC, Vellore to get covered by National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test.

Q14) Sir kindly clear our confusion NEET PG 2017-18 exam shall conducted in which month? Who shall conduct AIIMS or NBE board? Will it be a single day exam/ Single paper or multiple day exam / multiple questions paper?
The NEET-PG for 2017 shall be conducted by National Board of Examinations.  The details for this exam shall be announced very shortly.  The exam shall be held as a CBT in December 2016.

Q15) What is the status of reservation in NEET? Will there be a minimum (genuine) qualifying marks for reservation category or will there be no minimum mark limit?
The minimum qualifying marks for the various categories shall be as per the regulations applicable.  The scheme of reservations for various categories shall also remain as such in compliance with constitutional provisions.

Q16) Will there be a centralized counseling for PG seats of private and deemed university or students will have to apply again to these counseling bodies to come in there merit list?
The details of the counseling for various categories of seats shall be announced by the respective State Governments /private or deemed universities /institutions and further details in this regard shall be published by the respective authorities.

Q17) Will the interns of 2016 eligible for the NEET-PG which was going to be conducted in month of Dec?
Candidates pursuing internship in 2016 shall be eligible for National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test  for entry to 2017 session.  No candidate will be adversely effected.

Q18) What about NEET-MDS conducting authority? NBE or AIIMS? AIIMS used to conduct AIPGDE with negative mark. Please update.
The NEET –MDS shall be conducted by National Board of Examinations.  The scheme and details in this regard shall be announced very shortly.

Q19) Sir will NIMHANS be included under NEET?
NIMHANS is a statutory institution and created by an act of central legislature.  While it is not obligatory for NIMHANS to participate in National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test, it is optional for NIMHANS to participate in NEET – PG/SS.

Q20)What will be the status of DNB-CET?
It is likely that DNB admissions shall be through NEET-PG for January session and there may be no DNB-CET.

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