Doctors on board for NUJS medico-legal course

The National University of Juridical sciences (NUJS), in a first in the country, is all set to start a course to address medico-legal issues, which are largely a grey area at present. Legal experts and doctors will teach in the course that will be conducted jointly with the Dillons Kidney Foundation, a philanthropic platform for doctors. 

The one-year course - Postgraduate Diploma in Public Healthcare and Medical Laws - will start from July. While both theory and practical classes will be held according to set modules on the NUJS campus, a lot of study material is also being prepared on which students have to work and do their own research. The modules have jointly been prepared by NUJS faculty, selected faculty from the National Law School, Bangalore, and top doctors from a range of fields from the city.

The National Law School Bangalore and Symbiosis are two other institutions have something similar but the NUJS course is more inclusive. "We have gone a step further and included doctors in framing of the course and imparting it so as to make the course complete. This is the first time in the country that legal and medical experts have joined hands to run a course," explained NUJS vice-chancellor Ishwar Bhat.

Among the doctors who have joined hands are vascular surgeon Krishnendu Mukherjee, neurosurgeon Sandip Chatterjee, infertility expert Gautam Khastagir and Institute of Health and Family Welfare director Krishnangshu Roy.

"Times have changed and today India debates on issues like stem cell research and surrogacy. There are written laws in some cases while in others Supreme Court judgments are taken into consideration. Moreover, there is an international convergence in the intellectual domain of public health, medical ethics and laws," reasoned Mukherjee.

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