NEET ordinance to be challenged in Supreme Court

NEET: No end to row; now, ordinance to be challenged in Supreme Court

The row over NEET fails to die down!
Now, a fresh petition is expected to be filed in the Supreme Court to oppose the NEET ordinance.
Dubbing as 'lame and frivolous' the government's stand on the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), Sanklap Charitable Trust will file a fresh petition in the Supreme Court to oppose the ordinance while alleging it is against the Constitution, law and separation of power aimed at eventually stalling reforms in medical fields.
Amit Kumar, the lawyer for Sanklap Charitable Trust, says, "The ordinance is also against the balance which is there in our Constitution because the executive cannot overwrite the decision of the judiciary by ordinance that is against the Constitution, adding the decision of the judiciary is final and binding."
"What the ordinance is saying that the decision of the Supreme Court will not be enforced for period of one year. This kind of ordinance has never been issued in our history and, therefore, this ordinance will be challenged as early as possible as and when it is promulgated and notified in the gazette," he added.
Union Health and Family Welfare Minister J.P. Nadda on Tuesday had said that the government was clear from the very beginning and has always been in favour of NEET.
President Pranab Mukherjee earlier signed the ordinance to keep state boards out of NEET for MBBS and dental courses for this year.
The ordinance on NEET is aimed at partially overturning an apex court order that had taken into account the multiple medical entrance tests by states and private colleges as well as allegations of corruption.

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