Entrance exam for postgraduate courses will be conducted under NEET provisions, says J P Nadda

Union Health Minister J P Nadda attempted to clear the air surrounding NEET (National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Examination) on Tuesday, hours after President Pranab Mukherjee cleared the controversial ordinance. Nadda slammed the media for claiming that NEET has been deferred. Instead, he says, that the scheme of examination would be implemented from 2016 itself. Although, the state governments have been allowed to conduct undergraduate examinations separately, the postgraduate exams in December will be held under the rules of NEET.
“I want to make it very clear that all private institutions and medical colleges will come under ambit of NEET. State governments will get an opportunity to appear this year (2016-17) for under-graduate examinations separately. But this year December, the post-graduation examination will be held under NEET provisions,” Nadda said.
Speaking on the ordinance cleared by President today, Nadda attacked the Opposition for misleading the people. The Health Minister denied the allegations that the ordinance was promulgated to benefit the private colleges who make huge profit through donations. Instead, Nadda says that the ordinance has given the order of Supreme Court a statutory backing. “Through this ordinance NEET has been given a statutory support,” Nadda added.
The Supreme Court has earlier passed a historic judgement, instructing the government to implement NEET from this year, for undergraduate, as well as postgraduate courses. However, on May 20, Union Government issued an ordinance to defer NEET. The decision was taken after a total of 15 state governments raised objections against NEET.

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