Resident doctors cry foul over living conditions

Ironic situations prevail at the government hospitals of Delhi. On one hand, doctors regularly advice patients to practise good hygiene practises and follow the path of cleanliness, yet on the other hand, resident doctors themselves live in crammed and dirty accommodations which in no way can be considered fit for living, that too for the most skilled labour of the country.
Whether its state government hospitals, central government hospitals, or hospitals under autonomous bodies, all seem to be suffering from a severe shortage of accommodations. Moreover, whatever is provided in the name of accommodations, seem to be lacking in basic amenities required for a decent and healthy living.
“There are about 1200 resident doctors working in Safdarjung hospital, but there are only 86 rooms provided to them. Most resident doctors are forced to find accommodation elsewhere or are forced to cramp up in the limited accommodations,” said a resident doctor working with Safdarjung hospital. But the problem, just does not stop there. The hostel is in a dilapidated situation and the doctors complain of living in the most unhygienic conditions.
“The toilets are not cleaned up and  the drains are perpetually blocked.There is a stinking smell flowing throughout the hostel. Apart from the resident doctors, the hostel houses a number of insects and animals ranging from spiders, cockroaches and rats. This is really not what an accommodation should look like.” The doctors of Safdarjung hospital, yesterday, were so riled at the pathetic situations that they locked up the office of the warden.
” The name resident doctor, itself means a doctor resident in the hospital complex. But due to lack of accommodation, resident doctors are either forced to find accommodation elsewhere, or forced to share the said rooms. After our strike in June 2015, the government as well as the respective authorities had promised to provide us with alternate accommodations, but no action has been taken until now.” informed  Dr Pankaj Solanki, President FORDA
The Central Residency Scheme 1992 clearly lays down that Resident Docors shall be provided with free furnished accommodation, free electricity and water. However, with the provisions of the scheme still pending, resident doctors may have to wait for that to happen. Maybe in the meantime, efforts could be directed to amend the Central Residency Scheme so as to include the word CLEAN while addressing the topic of accommodations.

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