AIPGMEE 2016: Review from test-takers on Dec 3

Comparatively easy paper. 

pictues were only few. 4-5. 

lot of repeats.

mostly one liners. very few long ques.

mostly staight forward ques.

just follow your notes. all mostly from basic and simple ques. some confusing and few tricky ques. ew a bit lengthy ques but can be tackled easily.

Seems easy .. More repeats..

Paper was very basic.lot of repeats.focus on last 3 years questions.

few ques were word to word repeat from last years.

It was an average paper. Easy qns were there but that won't determine your rank. The tough ones will. Personally it was average.

guys i wouldn't say very easy but was ok 
please focus on basics , if you have read textbooks thoroughly in ur UG then you can answer 
pictures were easy nothing to worry about it 
most of them were straight forward one line question 
around 50 questions were tough and 250 question were ok 
not much question from psm and stats

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