AIPGMEE 2016: Review from test-takers on Dec 2

Morning session : 5 IMAGE based questions, majority of the questions were one liners, very few clinical scenarios, almost negligible repeats, new questions but topics covered were similar to last year, i found the test to be on difficult side.

Very difficult for me was not even able to think of any guess answer very difficult paper

5-6 images paper was average....overall basics were asked

subjectwise distribution was almost similar to that of prospectus

few repeats were thr.. Paper was on the difficult side..not many images.. Questions and options were kinda confusing. Most of them were one liners but very few had straightforward options.

Total 7 image based questions. Mostly 1-liners. A candida date with thorough studies can score high. Basis questions.

Extremely tough paper got screwed

If you have studied the guide books only 120 to 130 questions it was horrible compared to DNB which I wrote yesterday

images were easy 
many percentageso as numericalso 
lot of one liners with difficult and confusing options 
kalam and a raving arora will fetch you 150 to 200 questions 
the rest is up to you 
that's Wat I feel

morning session was more kind of genral knowldge. felt going to coaching classes is waste. icon_smile.gif 
conceptual question. lots of question from surgery. i guess examiner is fond of bladder and urethra a lot. and also breast. 
psm few question. 
forensic 4 question. no ipc 
peds bsic question, although i loved the renal part. he is just obssed with childs kidney i guess.

Was a tough one... more one liner but 2 option the option were confusing in every one LINEer.... it was a lengthy for me ... no repeats were their...question on latest concerns like dengue etc were their....I think obg k questions kum the ... they asked m/c causes,,, factual question..

Very lengthy. Cud not reach 300. Less case study but questions were very strange. So many from new topics. Short time revision can't help to solve. It needs deep study ,at least of 1 year to solve these type of mcq.

Some qtns v easy n some difficult. The level of qtns were good. We might find it difficult.covered the marking scheme as given in the prospectus.

Toughest exam ever faced

crap exam..........even if you study for 10 years wont be cracking this it was nothing clinical...and more about numericals......dat makes no sense to check medical knowledge.....ask google to give dis exam and google would be abusing the examiner afterwards.....Indian examiners atleast learn how to make questions ......n yeah DAMS lover.....pls stop creating non sense about your shit coaching center notes can help dis......

Guys don't panic or try to predict the questions on the basis of today paper.... Study the basics.. Because we're all on the same boat... The less you mark wrong among easy questions the better your rank will be! Study hard n good luck....

Damn tough...few repeats... icon_cry.gif

Found nothing relavent except few questions

Ok ok ok paper neither too tough neither too easy 
As always

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