AAP government conducts sting operation on LNJP hospital

In a shocking expose, pictures are found of a ” Stranger ” entering and conversing with the doctors of the Orthopedics OT of Lok Nayak Hospital ( LNJP Hospital) while they were performing surgery. As per law, no unauthorised/non-medical personnel is allowed in the Operation Theatre while a procedure is going on.
This comes as a result of a Sting operation performed by the AAP government health officials to unearth the growing nexus between government doctors and medical representatives. Medical representatives associated with pharma companies are not legally permitted to enter the premises of the government hospital, and liaison with the government doctors.
Mail Today, reports, that this “Stranger”  was a supplier from a private healthcare firm, who not only managed to get inside the operation theatre, but also managed to procure OT clothes and attire.
As alleged by government officials, there is growing nexus between doctors and stent/device/implant suppliers in various government hospitals. This comes fuelled from the fact, there is constant requirement of various implants and devices in most operated patients and unlike other medicines, there is no designated pharmacy to sell these devices as well as no designated rates at which consumer can purchase these implants. This has unfortunately led to hypothetical rates quoted by suppliers. It is also alleged by profits so earned are shared between the doctor and the supplier. 
Rumour has it that the Delhi health ministry is all set to break this alleged nexus and the sting was just a start. While Mail today accessed some of the pictures, a video about the sting is still with the minister’s office.
The MS of LNJP said that he was unaware about the above incident till contacted by OSD. An FIR has been lodged in the case and members of the department are now under scanner. “The department did not seek permission from me before using implants of any private company. I got to know from other people. We need to stop this implant business running inside the hospital,”   MS Dr Sarin informed Mail today.

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