NBE Pattern Questions: Today's Top Ten 13-11-2015

1.             Which insulin is never mixed with other insulins – Glargine
2.             Heparin is a – Polysaccharide
3.             Von Herick angle grade 3 of anterior chamber denotes – Moderately open angle
4.             Pin hole can reduce refractive error upto – 3D
5.             MC variant of Takayasu disease in India is – Type 3
6.             Acrodermatitis hemorrhagica is due to deficience of – Zinc
7.             Which looks same on T1 & T2 on MRI – Fat
8.             Carpet track sign is seen in – DLE
9.             Drug used for absence seizure – Lamotrigine
10.        Most common conotruncal anomaly - TGA

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