India's first MRI machine to be out in market by 2018

The department of IT's R&D laboratory SAMEER will soon bring out India's first MRI machine in the market by 2018.

SAMEER is an R&D Laboratory set-up in 1960s for research, design and development of products in the field of RF and microwave systems. In a recent presentation to the Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, Director-General SAMEER said the R&D laboratory was already in advance stages of product development of the machine which would enable use of imaging in medical diagnosis.

Prasad asked the organisation to revisit the mandate and explore more medical equipment which could be indigenously developed by the lab. "Prasad said that healthcare was a major focus area of the Modi government and encouraged the team to focus more on field," a senior officer said.

Prasad also asked the the research institute to work towards potential solutions to cyber security issues.

Headquartered in IIT Powai, SAMEER also focuses on interdisciplinary research initiative addressing broader spectrum of electronics areas like optoelectronics, Digital signal processing, Navigational aids, radars, atmospheric remote sensing systems and Linear accelerators.

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