How does India's PG medical education system fare?

India's PG Medical Education System is undoubtedly one of the worst systems in vogue.
Here a doctor is assessed by his performance on a single exam which has least common and known topics from 19 Medical Specialities/Subjects. One confusion and you are out of the race.
The result people settle for Specialities which they have little or Zero Interest in.
So, a person who wants to be a cardiologist becomes a surgeon, a aspiring surgeon becomes a patho or microbiologist and a student who even topped his Pediatrics paper settles for Physiology or Forensic Medicine only because, in a span of 3 hours he couldn't answer the random questions on diseases which are rarest.
This system is also the result of the earlier generations of doctors in India, who changed the profession and made doctors a commodity. Why does a person who is a specialist opens up a chamber and see all kinds of patients??? He sits with his shop with all his speciality degrees and someone with may be a fellowship in Cardiology treats patients of common cold. This practice by the earlier generations KILLED the very idea of General Practitioner or Family Physicians.
These early doctors never faced any entrance exam for their degress, they just spent their lives post MBBS in the department of their choice and went on to earn degrees.
But, the system for our generation is totally opposite and fucked up.
You don't get to choose the department you like based on your 5.5 years of experience but, become eligible after getting safe from being eliminated in the MOST UNSCIENTIFIC EXAMS of modern times the AIPGMEE/DNBCET etc.
Moreover, during MBBS they don't teach you anything. Leaving the premier institutions they don't teach you to save lives but, just teach you not to kill anyone.
Open Challenge to all Interns of the country, how many of you honestly can ACTUALLY physically do a Resuscitation or another Life Saving procedures. 
We Indian graduates know all the theory, but, how many actually have the knowledge not information of XYZ guidelines 2010, 2015 etc???
The answer would be very very low.
Even after getting into MD/MS again you are taught nothing extra in a structured manner. They will claim to have a good academic environment but, in reality the majority of PG seats in the country are crap. And after the ordeal of memorising 19 subjects, the PG resident is also exhausted and enjoys the relief, until he realises "shit I'll be a specialist in a few days, I need to learn". Then starts the practice of oiling your "boss" /"guide" to actually teach you.
Now coming to Medical Research in India. This is nothing but a JOKE. 
PG thesis are a mandatory clause hence, all PG residents of the country do "some research" about a topic which he has least idea about or interest in only to follow the "guide". Because, this thesis will get accepted and you will get your degree. 
Majority of these so called "mandatory researchers" don't even know what a Research Protocol is, or what is a Research Methodology..
Reason: Simple. Nothing was taught in UG except a irrelevant thing in PSM which every MBBS Graduate copy-pastes to pass.
Many don't even know what an Indexed Journal is or what the hell is Impact Factor. Maximum his guide knows and he is taught is National/International Publication.
UG research is another matter altogether, which some intelligent students use to lengthen their CVs to eventually LEAVE INDIA, to learn REAL MEDICINE abroad.
In short, it's not our fault or fault of the Teachers or the Colleges at large, but, the SYSTEM IS WRONG and NEEDS TO BE SCRAPPED and REFORMED.
Or else Medical Education will continue to be a Journey between Entrance Exams to eventually create parrots not Doctors.
AIPMT (Be the Boss of PCB including Botany and Zoology)
To learn Superficially in MBBS (remember you don't pass MBBS, you are being passed)
AIPGMEE: Exam of memory with minimum Relevance.
MD/MS: Not in your dream branch to complete a thesis to answer a Research Q which is not even yours.

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