Hospital in Gurgaon to use drone to ferry organs

Gurgaon: A city-based private hospital is working on a project to build drones that can be used to transport organs within NCR. This they hope will help them transport organs in quick time and save lives. Sources within the hospital claimed it would be a first of its kind in India service when launched.
With awareness about organ donation increasing and technology support available, doctors feel the number of organ transplantations will increase in future. It might thus be difficult to create green corridors through busy roads. Besides, most organs can't be kept in storage for more than 24 hours.
According to experts, it is easier to transport organs using drones than helicopters as it would not require approval from DGCA to fly drones below 500ft. Doctors at the hospital are closely involved in designing and flying the drones. According to sources, doctors are working on models that can hold weight of 10kg.
The hospital is also working on technical and security aspects to ensure the drones can carry the desired weight, reach the exact location within the stipulated time and have all security clearances in place. "We are in the process of working out modalities and regulations, etc, such as, what kind of drones can be used, how much weight it will need to carry," said Avnish Seth of Fortis Organ Retrieval and Transplant.
Disaster management experts approve of the idea. "Drones can also be used to transport blood and medical relief after any disaster. However, government should intervene to make sure such a facility has no security or technical lapse," said an expert from Haryana Institute of Public Administration.
Such a drone is likey to cost around Rs 1-2 lakh, while air ambulance costs anywhere between Rs 2-10 lakh per trip. The hospital plans to roll out the project within a year.
Commissioner of police Navdeep Singh Virk said, "Once we have received applications, appropriate action will be taken."

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