All-India test opens up for Telangana, Andhra Pradesh

The Telangana government has written to the Centre, seeking approval to join the national pool, and the AP government is set to follow suit soon.
However, since it requires amendment to Article 371(D) in Parliament, it may take time, and both governments expect the national pool to come into force from 2017-18, if not from the ensuing 2016-17.
Besides, the state governments also have the obligation to effect changes in the admission policy only for the fresh batch of Inter students who have taken admissions this year, 2015-16 , and who will complete their two-year course in 2016-17, so that they can apply for the new test in 2017-18.
“Telangana state government is in favour of the national pool, since it will throw up more opportunities for our students in medical colleges across the country. At present, our students are denied a chance to pursue medical courses in some of the best medical colleges of the country due to Article 371(D). We are awaiting a positive and quick response from the Centre on this,” said Mr C. Laxma Reddy, the minister for health.
At present there are 11 government medical colleges in AP and five in TS. While AP has 1,550 MBBS seats, TS has 850 seats in government colleges. With regard to PG medical seats, AP has 516 and
TS has 620 seats. If national pool is implemented, AP has to offer 72 PG seats and TS 98 PG seats. For MBBS seats, AP will offer 232 seats and TS 127 seats.
However, AP and TS students will be eligible to compete for 3,750 MBBS seats and 2,400 PG medical seats across the country.
Students will have to write AIPMT to be conducted by CBSE for the 15 per cent national pool seats. The exam will be conducted by the National Board of Examination for PG seats.

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