Medical monitors get SC warning

The Supreme Court has warned medical education regulators with contempt proceedings as well as a CBI inquiry for repeatedly defying directions from the apex court, high courts and the central government.

A two-judge bench was peeved that the Medical Council of India, Dental Council of India and the Veterinary Council of India had repeatedly ignored court and government directives to carry out inspections of colleges affiliated to them.

A government renews (or grants) the recognition of a medical, dental or veterinary college only on a recommendation from the regulator. Many of the colleges have moved court saying they are in danger of losing their recognition because the regulator isn't conducting an inspection, thus delaying the recommendation process.
"After hearing many similar matters involving the issue of grant of renewal or permission where Medical Council of India, Dental Council of India and Veterinary Council of India are one of the parties, we have taken judicial notice of the fact that the aforesaid council/authorities are not complying with the orders of this court as also the high courts," the bench of Justices M.Y. Eqbal and C. Nagappan said.

The bench cited how, in court, the councils' lawyers promise an inspection by the next hearing but later turn up with an excuse why this wasn't done.

"This court has not only been misled but also some incorrect statements have come from the Bar. We, therefore, warn the parties to be very, very careful and vigilant while making statements or submissions before this court in future," the bench said.

"Otherwise, this court shall be constrained not only to initiate contempt proceedings but also direct a special CBI inquiry as to why things are being done in such a way."

The court cited how the Dental Council of India had repeatedly ignored orders from the apex court, Madras High Court and the Tamil Nadu government to give its recommendation on the renewal of the recognition of the Best Dental Science College Ultra.

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