The Indian Medical Association demands strict action against Ramdev

The Indian Medical Association has demanded strict and immediate action against yoga guru Baba Ramdev stating that his claims to cure heart diseases, diabetes and cancer were false.
“His claims are in violation of the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement Act), 1954, which prohibits quackery. Baba Ramdev has a large fan following and though we appreciate his propagating yoga and its benefits, we will not allow anyone to make claims about helping cure cancer, diabetes and heart diseases,” said IMA joint secretary Dr. Anil Bansal.
“This is not the first time that we have complained against Baba Ramdev and his claims about offering cure. However, no action has been taken against him or his group so far. We now appeal to the Drug Controller of India and the Union Health Ministry to take action against Baba Ramdev,” added Dr. Bansal.
IMA has noted that Baba Ramdev’s action was in clear violation of the law.
“Baba Ramdev has advertised claiming to offer cure for several diseases including hypertension, arthritis and thyroid disorders. We are receiving a lot of complaints about the wrong treatment given by Baba Ramdev or his associates. A lot of people have suffered by taking his medicines. Diabetic patients have suffered a lot of complication by taking his treatment .Hypertension patients have suffered stroke because these patients had left their allopathic treatment and started taking Baba’s medicine in the hope of cure,” he added.
Chairman (Anti-Quackery Cell) Delhi Medical Association Dr. V.N. Sharma noted: “We have been asking the Government to take action but so far haven’t met with much success. The fact that the Western countries have refused to take ‘medicines’ made by the Baba Ramdev’s group should have been alarm bells enough for the Union Health Ministry to take action against what he is doing in his own country. Since Baba Ramdev has a large fan base, we need to urge the Government to take immediate action to ensure that more people don’t fall prey to his claims.”

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