DNB CET Strategy

Guest article by Dr. Ramgopal

I assume that almost everyone of you reading this is going to be writing the upcoming DNB CET exam in another week's time. 
That is coz the DNB CET is conducted by the NBE.....the same NBE which conduts the the Nov session of DNB CET (which has more seats) and of course the AIPGE (the mother of all PG entrance exams). Some 'repeats' from this exam maybe there in these two 'later' exams but more importantly this DNB CET will give you an idea of the type of questions to expect in these future exams.

Time wise - 300 qns in 3 hours is do-able...so far the DNB-CET has not had a history of "paragraph type" long questions ....its usually short questions with one word/one line answers. So it should be possible to complete the 300 qns.
Images are usually straightforward, where the image itself is obvious or the options below the questions should give a clue to the image.
The level of difficulty in DNB CET is "moderate" - this exam will also prepare you for the type of questions to expect in your state entrance exams (for states which still have entrances - like UPPG, TNPG, APPG, MHCET, Kerala CET etc).
I know that the timing of this exam in July is "odd" with most of you in the middle of your preparation for the year ending exams in November/December (like AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER, AIPGE and DNBCET Nov session). So if you are feeling a little "underprepared" or "partially prepared" also - it is worth going in with a positive attitude and writing the exam. (By November 2015 - you may have finished your revisions and feel "WELL Prepared" - example - you may have finished all theory and MCQs in Ophthal and still a question like "Malyugin ring!" may leave you stumped in the exam!).
Who knows - this time it maybe an excellent performance for you and you may end up with a high rank ?! Positive attitude is always necessary for any exam in life and this exam is no exception.
And some "small' BUT important things like - report on time; carry all essential documents!! - the authorities are very strict about all these; some ppl have missed the exams coz they couldnt locate the centre - so take note of these "small" things and of course AVOID silly mistakes.
Before signing off.....a small note ......Sure Success MAGIC (7th edn) has been a valuable book for earlier DNB CET's as evidenced by some previous reviews (in the photos attached)..........that's what inspired me to make this book even better for PG aspirants in the 8th (new) edn......so if you have that book - revise that also and pls go thru the images in each chapter also - and pls send in your reviews after the exams......Thnx
All the Best and God Bless

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