Delhi government revokes ‘two-finger test’ circular

Three days after issuing circular to hospitals to conduct two-finger test on rape victims and facing criticism, the Delhi government decided to revoke it on Monday.
Speaking at the Delhi secretariat, Health Minister Satyendra Jain said the government had decided to completely ban the two-finger test on rape victims.
“Now two finger test is completely banned for sexual assault victims in Delhi. We are issuing a new notification in this connection today,” he said, adding the 14-page-circular was misinterpreted.
The circular was issued to hospitals on May 29 stating that Per Vaginal (PV) examination, also referred to as ‘two-finger test’, for rape survivors can be conducted with their consent.
A PV test involves insertion of finger into the rape survivor’s private parts for assessment of internal injuries, use of force if any, noting any discharge and gathering of sample among others.
Jain said the advisory (on two-finger test) was circulated on the basis of an expert committee report, formed under previous government in March 2014.
Some social activists have been demanding a complete ban “on two-finger test” for a long time.
The Supreme Court in May 2013 also had held that the test violates a survivor’s right to privacy and had asked the government to provide better medical procedures to confirm sexual assault.

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