Doctors strike against attack on 2 medicos in Panvel hospital

Private hospitals and OPD clinics in Panvel Taluka will down shutters Monday to protest the attack on two doctors in Panvel by the relatives of a patient on Sunday. 

Raigad Medical Association, which called the bandh, however, said that doctors will attend to emergency cases. The bandh will be called off after 6pm, said Dr. Prakash Patil, owner of Life Line hospital 

Sources said, on Sunday, a group of people barged into Life Line hospital in Panvel and attacked on duty doctors — Sandeep Amale and Kiran Naik — following the death of a patient, Namubai Thakkur (75). While Dr Sandeep Amale was admitted in the ICU with multiple injuries on his nose, upper lips and fingers, Dr Kiran Naik, who sustained minor injuries, was administered first aid. 

Yogesh, Dr Amale's brother, said that the doctors who were attacked did not even treat Thakkur. "My brother is innocent. He never treated the patient," he added. 

Hospital authorities said that Thakkur was admitted under the ESI scheme in March. Earlier, she was treated for paralysis and was discharged. Following this, she underwent Ayurvedic treatment for some time that led to complications. She suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure and died due to complications, they added. 

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