Doctors protest assault on Allahabad medico

A day after a doctor in Allahabad was assaulted by infuriated relatives of a deceased patient at Anand Hospital, city doctors tied black ribbons on their arms in protest. The doctors, who protested under the banner of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), did not stop work. 

"The Allahabad incident is very sad and the IMA has decided to start a silent protest against it. Doctors will work but tie black ribbons around their arms. While the protest is a silent one for now, doctors across the state will go on an indefinite strike if the accused are not arrested by Tuesday morning," said Dr. Jitendra Chikara, president of IMA's Meerut chapter. 

Meerut-based Dr Vishwajeet Bembi said, "The incident is a sad. Doctors are generally on the receiving end when it comes to such incidents. We cannot fight back but we will show our displeasure and continue to work silently." 

Doctors told TOI that the protest was started after IMA (Uttar Pradesh) president Dr Sharad Agarwal issued instructions to doctors across the state to tie black ribbons. 

Dr. Rohit Gupta, a doctor at Allahabad's Anand Hospital was brutally assaulted by a group of seven persons on Sunday early morning. The incident came a day after an 80-year-old patient named Virendra Pratap Jayaswal was admitted to the hospital due to sudden pain in the kidney. Gupta had arrived the hospital to see a patient when the news of the death of patient broke out and the patient's relatives thrashed him in the ICU. 

The video of the doctor being assaulted went viral on social media and the doctors throughout the state planned to protest in the matter. Though the doctors in Allahabad went on a strike in Allahabad on Monday, other doctors protested by tying black ribbons on their arms. 

Infuriated over death of a patient, relatives and family members had ransacked the intensive care unit and surgery theatre of an Anand Hospital in Allahabad and allegedly thrashed Dr Rohit Gupta on Sunday. Both sides have lodged cross FIRs against each other at Colonelganj police station. Irked over the incident, Allahabad Medical Association (AMA) had blocked Stanley Road and shutdown health services in the city. 

The video of the doctor being assaulted went viral on social media. Dr Gupta is recuperating at another hospital. He alleged the mob snatched away his mobile and gold chain. Colonelganj police said they would go through CCTV footage to identify culprits and assured of strict action against the guilty. 

According to reports, Virendra Pratap Jaiswal (63) of Katghar was admitted to a private hospital on Saturday on complaints of toothache. His condition started deteriorating in the night and he died during the course of treatment in the wee hours of Sunday. 

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