PG Counselling for Dummies

Considering the counselling season is on full flow, here's a few tips on getting the best seat.
1. Branch > College ( in most cases ) because its near impossible to keep yourself motivated through the three year programme unless you are passionate enough to see it through. A PG programme will throw up unique challenges that you cant possibly envision or plan for hence the motivation must be there.
2. Speak to your seniors before you decide on anything. They have the benefit of something that you just don't have "experience" and boy it matters a lot. Speak your mind, discuss your insecurities, throw it all out there and then incorporate those into making your call
3. Write things down. Whatever you find out, anyone tells you, keep noting them down. They become a point of reference and help in giving a definitive shape to your ideas
4. If your at the position where you think you wont one of the famed colleges, try opting for a good city while balancing that with a good enough college obviously. It makes a difference.
5. If you want to get into a branch like medicine or surgery, look for colleges that have MCh/DM seats. Might give you a slight edge later on.
6. Don't believe everything that's posted on social media and sites like RxPG. Learn to question things and seek facts for yourself. The best is to speak to someone from that particular college and department. They are the ones who will give you the real picture.
7. Lastly, I would suggest, take the pains of visiting your to be college yourself. Absolutely nothing like first hand experience.

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