Telangana Govt. To Add More PG Seats In Its Medical Colleges

The Telangana Government is set to increase, at least, 86 more PG seats in its teaching hospitals. From the next academic year onwards, Hyderabad’s Osmania Medical College and Gandhi Medical College shall increase their PG seats from 282 to 329 and from 127 to 140 respectively. Warangal’s Kakatiya Medical College shall also increase its seats from 107 to 133. With this, the total PG seats shall go up from 516 to 602.
More than Rs 160 crore has been allocated by the Telangana government exclusively for the betterment of medical education in the state. According to reports, out of this big sum, Rs 98 crore would be spent on a medical college in Nizamabad, Rs 25 crore on Osmania Medical College and Rs 19.5 crore each to Kakatiya Medical College and Gandhi Medical College.
The State’s Director of Medical Education (DME) has spoken to media and said that such a huge allocation of funds separately for medical colleges is being done for the first time by the government. With this, the infrastructure like classrooms, laboratories, hostels, libraries etc can be improved to get more seats sanctioned.
Apart from this, another Rs 320 crore is said to have been approved to improve the medical infrastructure of the hospitals.
Moreover, 8 super specialty seats might also be increased in Osmania and Gandhi Medical Colleges, with the approval of the MCI.

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