PM announces Rs 175 crore relief for Kashmir’s flood-hit hospitals

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday met various groups of flood-affected people here to understand their problems and listen to their suggestions on the rehabilitation process following the recent floods.
These included delegations from chambers of commerce and industry, social organizations and NGOs, civil society organizations, transport operators, tour and travel operators, fruit growers, dealers and horticulture institutions, educational institutions, youth organizations, religious communities and political groups, according to an official statement.
The Prime Minister said that a common thread running through the interaction with all groups was the suggestion that affected people should be given help directly. He said this request would be seriously considered. For instance, he said, it could be considered that assistance for rebuilding houses could be given directly to bank accounts of beneficiaries.
Over and above the special central assistance of Rs 1000 crore that was announced during the Prime Minister’s visit to Srinagar in September, Narendra Modi announced Rs 570 crore assistance for housing. He said six major hospitals in the state of Jammu and Kashmir were in poor condition and required immediate intervention. For this he announced assistance of Rs 175 crore.
The Prime Minister assured the people of Jammu and Kashmir that the entire nation stood with them in the rebuilding process, after the floods.

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