No control over IMA doctors, says MCI

After saying that medical associations were beyond its purview, the Medical Council of India (MCI) now seems to be suggesting that even doctors who are office bearers in these associations are beyond its jurisdiction.
The MCI has written to the health ministry claiming that it can't act against the officer bearers of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), even though all the office bearers are doctors and MCI has jurisdiction over the conduct of all registered medical practitioners.
The MCI ethics committee had last June recommended action against four IMA office bearers citing the fact that they were medical practitioners. Now, the executive committee of the coun cil seems to be going against the earlier decision.
The ethics committee had recommended that the names of four IMA office bearers be struck off the medical register for one year as they were harassing a doctor from Kerala, Dr K V Babu. The Kerala doctor had exposed how the office bearers of IMA were endorsing commercial products of companies like Pepsi and Dabur after taking money from them.
The committee said endorsement by the doctors/office bearers was against the MCI's code of ethics.
The MCI has been reiterating that it has no jurisdic tion over professional associations of doctors according to the Indian Medical Council (IMC) Act.
However, Dr Babu, many former MCI members and even a few current members insist that every office holder of a doctors' association, being a medical practitioner, was under the jurisdiction of the MCI.
In its letter to the health ministry , the MCI stated that since the IMA was a non-governmental organization, not under the purview of the council, it was not possible for the council to comment on showcause notice being issued to Dr Babu.

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