Female doctor found dead in AMCH, murder suspected

The sensational murder case of a female doctor in Assam Medical College and Hospital in Dibrugarh was solved with the arrest of a ward boy, claimed police.

Ward boy Kiro Mess was arrested by police in the morning. Police said that the ward boy has confessed that he killed the doctor. The motive behind the gruesome murder is not yet clear.

Sensation prevailed in Assam Medical College and Hospital in Dibrugarh after body of a female doctor was found in the rest-room on Friday morning.

The victim has been identified as first year post graduate student of gynecology department Dr Sarita Toshniwal.

Injury marks were seen on her body, doctors said. A knife was recovered from the body, doctors added.

Doctors and staff of the medical college claimed that Charita was murdered and demanded strict action against the culprits.

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