AMC principal owns up moral responsibility

Dr Atindra Kumar Adhikari, the suspended Principal of the Assam Medical College and Hospital (AMCH) here, virtually played the victim card today by asserting before mediapersons that he had submitted an application to the higher authorities about his going to Paris for a programme on Continuing Medical Education(CME). He said that a copy of the application was also marked for the Vice Principal of the AMCH.

Dr Adhikari was suspended allegedly for not securing permission for leave and violating service rules. Dr Adhikari served the medical institute here in the capacity of Principal for 2 years and 4 months. The suspended doctor today said that he had dispatched an application to the concerned authority on April 11 and had personally submitted another copy on April 14. When asked how he had managed to submit another copy on a holiday, he appeared perplexed and said that it may have been on April 13. But April 13 was Sunday.

Nevertheless, Dr Adhikari said that he got to know about the murder in AMC through Dr Hem Chandra Kalita, the Vice Principal, in the evening of May 9, 2014, which clearly implied that the Vice Principal was aware about the whereabouts of the PrincipalHealth Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, during his visit to AMC on May 11, had said that he was unaware about the whereabouts of the Principal as he could not be reached since the heinous crime at AMC on April 9.

Dr Adhikari, however, did not hesitate to own moral responsibility for the killing of Dr Sarita Tasniwal and consequent chaos in the medical institute campus. Describing the alleged unruly behaviors of the medical students on May 11 as an “emotional outburst”, Dr Adhikari also “humbly apologized” before the mediapersons for all the unpleasant events following the sensational murder. He expressed his sympathy with the bereaved family members of the deceased and further said that he would pay a visit to the victim’s house soon.

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