Combined Medical Services To Go Online

The field of Medicine is getting more and more tech-savvy by the day and medicos should brush up their skills on the internet, if they want to keep up with the rest. This year, the Combined Medical Services (CMS) exam is going online. The aspiring medical officers of the Indian Railways and various civic bodies of Delhi would have to appear for the test virtually.
This test comprising of objective-type questions would be held across 40 centers in India by the UPSC and would take place on June 22, 2014. Earlier, the test included two objective-type papers and had Optical Mark Recognition wherein the candidates would have to darken their chosen answers from the multiple choices given.
To help this batch of online candidates overcome any apprehensions or test jitters, the UPSC is planning to come out with a ‘demo’ module on its website which would clearly explain this process of online test to the aspirants.
In the online test, there would be provisions to change the answers as and when needed within the stipulated time. Moreover, there would be an invigilator who would assist the candidate to re-login in case s/he gets disconnected for any reason. Upon re-logging, the test would start from where it was discontinued earlier.
The CMS is held every year whereby MBBS students join different government posts and services, including assistant divisional medical officer in the Railways, assistant medical officer in Indian Ordnance Factories Health Service, general duty medical officers in New Delhi Municipal Council etc.

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