Medical PG seats' rate under management quota touches Rs.2 crore in AP

The huge demand for Medical PG seats in Andhra Pradesh has brought in great fortunes in disguise for private medical colleges as they are charging as much as Rs.1.80 crore to Rs.2 crore under the management quota.

Huge gap between the demand and supply of medical PG seats in the state has given a big boost for the managements of private medical colleges as they are charging not less than Rs.2 crore for a PG radiology seat.

Notwithstanding the Supreme Court’s recent order to issue proper procedural guidelines for admission of MBBS and PG seats under management quota, the state government is yet to issue any formal systematic procedure for the private medical colleges to follow for filling up the medical and PG seats.

Taking this as advantage the private medical college managements in the state have already started booking the PG seats even as the admission entrance test is scheduled in March this year.

There are about 2431 Post Graduate (PG) seats in eight government and 15 private medical colleges across the state. Out of which 646 PG seats are in the private medical colleges, which have already been booked.

According to sources, the bargaining for PG medical seats in private medical colleges is still going on even as the admission test is to be conducted in March by NTR Health University in the state. In the next two months about 22000 medical students are expected to take the PG admission test this year.

Already many students with sound financial background are approaching the private college managements and paying token amount in advance to book their seats. As per the information the demand for PG radiology is very high. The cost of the seat for radiology is ranging from Rs.1.80 crore to Rs.2 crore, PG orthopaedic seat is costing at Rs.1.50 crore. The other specializations like MS general surgeon, MD general medicine, MD paediatric, MD anaesthesia seats are also being auctioned according to the demand, informed a source.

In fact the management quota PG seats are to be filled according to merit list obtained from the Health University’s PG admission test. But many colleges are not following this norm of merit list and admitting the students based on the donations the student can afford. Because of this attitude of the private colleges and because of lackadaisical attitude of the state government many meritorious students are losing their seats.

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