Maharashtra allows homoeo docs to practise allopathy

The state cabinet on Thursday gave the green signal for homoeopathy doctors to prescribe allopathy medicines-provided they undergo a year-long certification course in pharmacology.

The state has around 62,000 homoeopaths who could benefit from the decision,but allopathy practitioners made their uneasiness known immediately.The Indian Medical Associations Maharashtra chapter is,in fact,preparing to move the court against the cabinet decision.An MBBS student learns pharmacology in the initial period of the fourand-half-year-long course.

They have three years,including their internship period,to familiarise themselves with pharmacology.So,how can a homeopath learn it a period of a year asked Dr Jayesh Lele,secretary of IMAMaharashtra.Homeopaths first made a plea to allow combined practice almost three decades back.Their fellow practitioners in Ayurveda and Unani are allowed to prescribe allopathy medicines.

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