Target JIPMER - 2/ed

The second edition of Target JIPMER is thoroughly revised, updated and presented as a comprehensive material. It is designed as an indispensable course review material for JIPMER PGMEE examination.

  • A concised approach for PGMEE of all important topics
  • The first section of the book consists of nearly 3000 one-line explanations / notes for quick revision
  • Thoroughly revised & updated explanations of most of the questions including all controversial questions
  • Numerous figures, tables and flow-charts throughout the book condense the complex material for easy understanding
  • Up-to-date discussion of all relevant topics
  • Attractive discount of 50% for ADr Plexus JIPMER mock exam series, click the link ( for more information


1. High Yielding Notes
2. Anatomy
3. Physiology
4. Biochemistry
5. Microbiology
6. Pathology
7. Pharmacology
8. Forensic Medicine
9. Ophthalmology
10. Otorhinolaryngology
11. Preventive Social Medicine
12. Medicine
13. Surgery
14. Orthopedics
15. Obstetrics and Gynecology
16. Pediatrics
17. Dermatology
18. Anaesthesia
19. Radiology
20. Psychiatry

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