Health Ministry to allow hike in MBBS seats

The Health Ministry has proposed to increase MBBS seats in the country by allowing government and recognised private medical colleges to do so as a one-time measure.
As per a proposal cleared by Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad, all medical colleges having 10 years or more of standing will be allowed to increase 50 seats as a one-time measure.
Azad also held a review meeting of officials in this regard today and directed early implementation of the scheme.
Sources said while those medical colleges with 50 seats will be allowed to add another 50, those with 100 seats will henceforth have 150 seats.
All such medical colleges, which will benefit from implementation of the proposal, will have to apply to theMedical Council of India to create additional seats, which will allow the same after due diligence.
The MCI will have to later carry out a physical verification and inspection of the medical facilities and infrastructure at such medical colleges where the seats are being increased.
Sources say a notification in this regard will be issued soon. The proposal will come into effect after making modifications in the Medical Council of India regulations pertaining to medical colleges.
There are a total of 362 medical colleges in the country, with over 45,000 MBBS seats in them across the country.

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