Medicos protest against rural stint for PG course

More than 100 students of MMC on Wednesday staged a demonstration near collector’s office demanding the central government not to make rural posting for MBBS doctors mandatory. The students also demanded the government to scrap the three-year rural medical course on community medicine.
Tamil Nadu Medical Students’ Asso­ciati­on (TNMSA) organised the demonstration, whose member Harinivas said, “The Union government has announced students who wish to pursue PG should compulsorily undergo one-year rural service.
We are ready to do rural service, not just for one or two years, we could do it permanently. Will they make us permanent doctors in primary health centres?” Students also felt that three-year rural medicine course would divide urban and rural students. “What if rural students were asked to pursue only rural medicine course in future?” students questioned.
The medical students’ association is planning to stage more such demonstrations.

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