Medical student abducted, raped at Manipal

There was shock and outrage through out the education hub of Manipal on Friday after the abduction and alleged rape of an MBBS student by three men while she was on her way to her hostel room, just a kilometre away from the library complex on Thursday night. 

The 22-year-old student from Thiruvananthapuram was dragged into an autorickshaw by three men on a road near the pharmacology college campus. The police learnt about the assault by 1.15am after an engineering student reported he saw three people abducting catch hold of a woman and forcing her into an auto. The girl dropped her purse in the scuffle and the engineering student got her identity from her cards and alerted the campus security staff. But instead of immediately informing the police, they searched for her futilely before calling the cops. 

Last year, a 21-year-old student of National Law School of India University, too, was gang-raped in Bangalore. 

The girl returned to the Manipal institute at around 3.30am even while the police were searching for her. The Kasturba Medical College Estate officer lodged a complaint of rape at the Manipal police station. 

"It's not clear if she was dropped off by her abductors or she managed to return on her own. She is in shock and her statements are incoherent," said Udupi SP MB Boralingaiah. 

"The area where the incident occurred does not have CCTVs. We examined our footage and we did not see any vehicle of that description passing by. The University CCTV cameras have some footage and we're examining it," said the SP. 

The girl cannot recall where she was taken, he said, adding, "We haven't got the medical report, but the estate officer filed a report of rape." 

A university official said: "We're concerned about the safety of our students. We'll hold a meeting soon to discuss to see how best students who staying outside can be protected from such incidents." 

The source added that student hostels are located just beside the library and students who don't stay at the hostel have rented apartments behind the library complex, just a kilometre away. 


The university management is shocked by this incident. Our hearts and prayers go to the victim and her family. We'll offer her our best available medical and emotional support. University officials are working closely with authorities and they have been provided all access to information we have to bring the culprits to book. We'll work in close consultation with police and implement whatever extra measures needed to ensure the safety of our students. The victim is stable and her parents will reach here by Saturday morning. 

Dr GK Prabhu | registrar, Manipal University 

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