Kottayam girl topped AIIMS exam

S Bhagya

When she was a child, Bhagya would be taken to paediatrician Dr Jayakumar near her home for treatment. She would watch in wonder how the doctor was administering medicines and giving hope to the patients. Now, she’s a top rank-holder in the field of medicine.
In fact, S. Bhagya, who topped the post graduate entrance examinations to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, had personally come across a second doctor only when she went in for her MBBS course at the Kottayam medical college hospital five years ago. The aspiration to be a doctor was ingrained in her by no great physician, but the same doctor who was next to her house, she says.
The girl from Thekkumgopuram near Kottayam would stroll across the corridors of AIMS by July. “A doctor should excel in various spheres. Apart from having a deep knowledge in the profession, he or she should even be able to diagnose even the emotional and psychological levels of the patient," she says.
Her mother, Kala P.P., an employee at the United India Insurance, Kottayam division, had given all the support to her. Her father is late Shaji Babu, who was a manager with SBT, while her younger sister, Kavya, has completed Class Ten.

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