Community Medicine as a Career Option

Guest article by Dr Thanga Vignesh ( MD PSM ). Acknowledgements - ADrPlexus

Public health/Community medicine is a growing field with a number of job opportunities in various areas like health services (hospitals), health education/behavioral science, environmental health, nutrition, public health practice, NGOs and so on.

Career options for Community medicine specialists:

1. Epidemiologist in health services or in research organisations.

2.Research officer in medical research organisations and pharmaceutical industries.

3.WHO has so many projects having both permanent & temporary jobs, like the job as smo in NPSP (polio) project & several other projects.

4.Not only WHO but there r several other jobs opportunities in UNICEF,NICD,ICMR...etc

5.Permanent & Contract based jobs keep on extending ur contract period in govt projects such as NACO, RNTCP, NBCP...etc

6.Public health medical officer posted in rural and urban hospitals of state or central govt.

7.Public health administration jobs as food safety officer, municipality health officer, deputy director of health services are also available in DPH section in state govt.

8.Teaching profession in medical colleges and public health schools in India and abroad.

9.Public health project manager in private NGOs.

10.Jobs in occupational health such as industries both in India and abroad.

Pay scale- 40,000 to 1,00,000( pay increases depending on ur experience, paper submission, involvement of previous projects )- pay defers from countries, max u can expect 300000/month
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