A Woman Pregnant For 46 Years Gave Birth To A Mummy


In 1955, Zahra Aboutalib,26, went into labour.  She was rushed to hospital because after forty-eight hours, the baby was still unborn. She was supposed to have a caesarean section, but convinced she may die in agony on the operating table, Zahra turned and fled in panic. 
She then felt excruciating pain for days. All of a sudden the pains stopped, so Zahra believed that everything is all right and the baby would be born at a later date. This never happened.
As the time passed, Zahra adopted three children and became a grandmother. Aged 75, the agonising pains returned so Dr Taibi Quazzani sent her for scans.
The result was shocking: the mass inside Zahra’s stomach was a calcified baby. Unable to be born, the baby – which had developed outside the womb and fused with Zahra’s internal organs – had died.
In order to protect itself from infection from this ‘foreign body’, the body developed a layer of hard calcified material around the dead baby, which hardened over the years. Luckily, the operation to remove the calcified foetus was successful.

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