SC Hearing Update: Apr 9

Three senior MCI lawyers have put forward strong arguments in favour of NEET, while rubbishing the allegations levelled by lawyers of private medical colleges. Hearing to be continued tomorrow.

MCI is leaving no stone unturned to ensure a golden future for the medicos.

MCI lawyers quoted judgements from T.M Pai and Inamadar case and stated that all minority institutions and private deemed universities have indulged in widespread irregularities pertaining to medical college admissions for the past 10 years. 

1. According to T.M Pai case , All Medical College admissions in Private/Deemed/ Minority institutions should be monitored by TWO state committee's headed by retired judges to prevent malpractices in admission processes 

2. These state committees are absent in most of the states except for few states like Tamil Nadu , Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

3. Most of the functioning state committees never prevented the alleged irregularities in medical education.

4. MCI had to opt for NEET-PG/UG as the only alternative to regulate the malpractices of Private/Deemed/ Minority institutions 

5. Since this is a centralized exam for gaining entry into UG/PG courses gross malpractices can be prevented and also added that only NEET-PG/UG score will taken as criteria for gaining entry into merit list. All private colleges and deemed universities should admit only on the basis of NEET-PG /UG scores and there shall not be any additional interviews or additional exams for determining merit.

Highlights of today's hearing include:

  • The senior counsel of the MCI spoke clearly about the powers vested to central body -MCI & its rights to conduct this years NEET. 
  • He very strongly objected the opposition's allegations that MCI does not have enough powers for NEET  as they had contoured during their turns repeatedly . 
  • He projected forward in front of CJI that MCI had all the rights since 2010 for conducting NEET but owing to the escapist strategy of many who are sitting right now in opposition to the NEET ,this very legible idea which had been finalised and passed by the legislation and under the direction of GOI already could not be given concrete shape.
  • He put forward that the very right of a central body like MCI should not have been challenged now since the NEET has been authorised & finalised since 2010 and it was postponed in 2011 on demand by the opponents; yet when it was given a final form the opponents claim it to be unlawful. 
  • It is now high time that NEET should be given validation for this year and henceforth .

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