SC Hearing Update: Apr 4

Today all lawyers argued regarding Interim Orders for publishing results for the exams conducted by NBE and all other deemed universities. MCI strongly opposed the declaration of results of all other universities and state governments and requested court to give interim orders only for declaration of NEET-PG 2013 results to facilitate 1st Phase of All India Counselling. MCI lawyers insisted the delay of counselling process due to the delay of declaration of results . They also brought in the issue of cut-off date ( May 31,2013 ) fixed by MCI for admission in PG courses. 

Upon hearing all the arguments the bench decided that NO INTERIMS ORDERS for declaration of results for both the sides will be given until completion of all arguments and also said that if arguments are not over within the stipulated time interval (i.e) before May 2013, the cut-off date fixed by MCI should be relaxed . MCI Arguments is likely to continue from NEXT Tuesday and they will continue till next thursday APRIL 11,2013.

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