SC Hearing Update: Apr 23

Today the whole session was used by Advocate Nidhesh Gupta who had raised all points in favour of NEET. MCI had also presented the data of students who gave exam this year (largest no of application received this year). Bench has concluded that no further hearing would take place now. All remaining lawyers have been asked to submit their points in writting.

Mr. Nidesh today spoke strongly for MCI & UOI. He stressed that merit can never be compromised & that the NEET is the only solution to ongoing corruption in medical education. He even talked of atrocities faced by students in giving multiple exams. SC has asked to conclude the arguments fast and has asked other lawyers to give their submission in written.

Only Mr. Nidesh Gupta argued in favor of NEET till 3.35 pm. Case is listed for 25th April as he asked for some more time to complete his arguments. Harish Salve has not uttered a single word. KKV pleaded the court to give a chance to speak which was rejected as court's main focus is to conclude this case as soon as possible.

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