Pressure on state over professional college seats

Hyderabad: Though the government announced that it would implement the online system for the academic year 2013-2014 for filling up of management quota seats in professional courses including medicine and engineering, the managements are believed to have already started lobbying with the powers that be to look other way leaving admissions to their choice this time also.
Sources told this newspaper that a section of managements were applying pressure tactics by insisting for a hike in the tuition fee for the convener quota. 
“As the government cannot afford to allow fee hike in 70 per cent seats in an election year, the managements have been offering a trade off,” a senior official said adding that the colleges indicated to the government that they will not insist for hike if they were allowed to “sell away” their quota.
The government introduced a fool-proof system just before the admissions in 2012-2013 wherein private colleges should display details of courses offered and seats available in each course. Students can apply online and get an acknowledgment slip immediately.

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